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How To Fix Damaged Hair

Of-course we've had clients with damaged hair sat in our chair looking to us, the hair expert for advice on how to repair damaged hair.

Damaged hair can be cause by a various factors, such as; styling tools, chemical treatments, environmental exposure, styling, aging/lifestyle.

To fix damaged hair, we need to address the underlying issue/issues that causes damage hair. Some questions to ask yourself; How often am I getting chemical services? Could my hair be over processed? How often am I applying hot tools to my hair?....

If your hair is extremely dry and brittle with no shine, it may need moisture. If your hair breaks easily, it may need protein. Nadia Vassell recommends to clients who uses hot tools on a regular basis to reduce the temperature setting on your flat iron or curling iron to about 375 degrees. Also limit the amount of times you are flat ironing your hair during the week to about 2 times per week and always use a heat protector

Spread out times in between your chemical services, if you do color your hair, opt for a balayage or ombre service. These services are great for clients who want to go longer between color services. Its a very low maintenance color service.

Products to Fix Damaged Hair

Moisturizing Treatments

  • Does what lotion does to the skin, penetrates the cuticle to hydrate and soften.

  • Will look and feel healthier and be less prone to damage.

  • Use weekly or more frequently, depending on how damaged your hair is. Try U Thirsty Argan Oil Masque by Hair Freaq.

Protein Treatments

  • Boost the hair with a variety of nutrients and proteins.

  • Helps reconstruct and strengthen hair strands.

  • In salon treatments can be used quarterly or annually. at home treatments can be use monthly. Redken's Salon Exclusive Concentrated Moisture Treatment is for clients with damaged or over processed hair.

Bond Builders

  • Works similar to protein treatments, but penetrates deeper than the cuticle.

  • Improves hair strength, protects from within and you will see results immediately.

  • ​Product like olaplex treatments can be used weekly, biweekly or as often as needed. Olaplex No.1 and No.2 is great for in salon treatments. The No.0 and No.3 is an intensive at home treatment for all hair types.

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