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Know about hair elasticity and how to improve it.

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

When you hear the word ‘elasticity’ you probably think about the material that

keeps your favorite leggings in place. But it also dictates how healthy your is.

Understanding elasticity will help you and your stylist select the best solutions for

repairing your hair due to overprocessing.

Elasticity is the hair's ability to stretch and return to its original length without

breaking or snapping off. The characteristic of elasticity is either normal or low. If

you have strong side bonds, that’s an indication of normal elasticity. A low

elasticity is indicative of weak side bonds. Side bonds are what keeps the

individual fibers of hair together; they are weakened by over processing.

Wet hair with normal elasticity will stretch up to 50% and return to its original

length without breaking off; dry hair stretches about 20% of that.

How to Test Elasticity?

When your hair is wet you can check for elasticity in various parts of the head:

front hairline, crown, temples and nape. Hold a strand of your hair and try to pull

it apart. If it snaps off easily, then that’s an indication of low elasticity. If your hair

returns to its original length, then it has normal elasticity.

How to Get Normal Elasticity?

This requires strengthening those broken side bonds. An intense hair treatment

on a weekly basis can definitely get you back to normal elasticity. Try Hair

Freaq’s U THIRSTY Argan Oil Masque. This masque penetrates the cuticle

deeply to rebuild, strengthen and restore elasticity.

We have had many clients over the years with low elasticity due to

overprocessing and we’re happy to say that we were able to restore their hair

back to normal elasticity. We can do the same for you. Book your appointment

for a bi-weekly hair treatment today!

Stay hydrated my Friends,

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