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How I Create Brynn's Look For Real Housewives Of NYC

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hey there, beauty enthusiasts! Get ready to dive into the behind-the-scenes magic that brought Brynn Whitfield's awesome hairdo to life for the Real Housewives of New York City promo. Brynn's style is all about fun, flirty vibes mixed with timeless elegance, and who better than Nadia Vassell, the celebrity hairstylist extraordinaire, to make it happen? With her own line of professional haircare products, Hair FreAQ, Nadia worked her magic to give Brynn a look that's been turning heads on billboards, social media, and more.

Step 1: Shampooing and Conditioning Nadia starts this fantastic journey by giving Brynn's hair a good wash and condition. She's using her own Hair Freaq products to make sure Brynn's hair is super clean and ready for all the magic to come.

Step 2: Hair Freaq Leave-In Conditioner and Blow Drying Brilliance With Brynn's hair all clean and fresh, Nadia applies some of her Hair Freaq's Leave-In Conditioner. This stuff works like a charm to keep Brynn's strands happy and healthy. Then, using a trusty Dyson blow dryer, Nadia gets that hair all ready for the next exciting step.

Step 3: Extensions with Extra Flair - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Time to talk teamwork! Nadia and Brynn team up to add some super cool hair extensions. They're all about making sure these extensions blend perfectly with Brynn's natural hair, creating that flawless look they're going for.

Step 4: Snip, Blend, and Perfectly Mix Extensions in place, it's time to make them look like they've always been there. Nadia works her magic with some cutting and blending to make sure everything flows seamlessly together. This step is a big part of getting that cute, messy pinup style that Brynn loves.

Step 5: Natural Waves with a Little Help from FHI Heat Nadia's secret weapon? Her favorite FHI Heat curling iron! This awesome curling iron helps her create those beautiful curls that make Brynn's hair look effortlessly stunning.

Step 6: Let the Pinup Party Begin Now it's time for the pinup magic to happen. Nadia starts pinning and securing sections of Brynn's hair to create that fun and flirty updo. we wanted the style to look natural and effortless, so some strands are left loose to give it that playful vibe.

Step 7: A Timeless Debut Nadia's attention to detail is spot on. Every pin, every curl is carefully placed to create a look that's all about elegance and charm. Brynn's hair is making a statement about her awesome personality and style.

Creating Brynn Whitfield's fabulous hair for the Real Housewives of NYC was a journey full of creativity and teamwork. With Nadia Vassell's expertise and Hair Freaq products, every step came together beautifully. From the shampoo and conditioning to the extension blending and pinup style, each part played a role in making Brynn's hair shine. Don't miss the chance to catch a special scene with Brynn and Nadia in the upcoming episode—fall even more in love with Brynn and her amazing journey. Get ready for Season 4, Episode 3 on August 6th!

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