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Five Easy Steps To Detangling Your Textured Hair.

If you've noticed, I have been sending you how-to-guides on taking care of your hair on your own while we practice social distancing. I know many of you are quite skilled when it comes to masterfully creating your own hairstyles, but for others this can seem like an arduous task. Thanks to those whom have sent me the finish product of their finish product.

What you will need

1. Detangling brush

2. Sectioning clips

3. Leave-in Spray

5 Steps

Detangling your textured hair should begin on dry hair, what you don't want to do is go straight for adding water and then your hair starts to knot.

Step One- Use your fingers to section your hair, run fingers through and feel for knots and try to get a sense of how much detangling your hair will need and what areas to focus on.

Step Two- Take small sections, spray with detangling spray, and I absolutely love my Knotme Detangling spray, which I also use as a leave-in conditioner. Use your finishers only in this step as a brush and make sure your brush from the ends up to the root.

Step Three- Use your flexible brush to assist in removing of excessive knotting. I love this UnBrush by FHIHEAT. The bristles are so soft, it eliminates snapping and snagging on your hair.

Step Four- Always firmly grasp the hair just above where you will be brushing, doing this also helps in preventing the hair from snapping (snapping makes me cringe)

Step Five- Last but not least, take sections, take your time and happy detangling!

Thinking of ALL you through this difficult time!!!


If there is topic you would like for me to discuss, please share and I will make sure to incorporate your suggestions into my next Blog.

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