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Teaching You My Blowdrying Skills

Now that you've have mastered my shampooing technique, I think you are ready to move on to the blowdrying step. Here is a simple guide I've put together to help you master my blowdrying technique and achieve frizz-free hair. My clients often say to me, "I can't get my hair this straight when i do it myself at home". And I say to them, "it's all in the wrist, you can have the right tools but somehow dont have the right technique". What you need 1. Blow dryer 2. Nozzle 3. Comb attachment 4. Denman brush or paddle brush

Follow These Steps 1. So my perfect blowdry begins with making sure that I have the hair section off in 4 quadrants. 2. I begin everything I do on the right side, it's just a habit. I feel like when I start on the left, I takes for me to longer to finish. 3. I attach my comb attachment to my blow dryer and take down one of the sections. Then I part that section into two, take some to be blow dried and clip away the rest. 4. I start blow drying from the ends and work the blow dryer up to the root area. At the same time using my left hand to hold the hair firmly close to the root, this gives me control and prevents snapping of the hair. 5. Continue doing step 5 until 90% of the hair is dry. 6. I then remove my comb attachment and replace with my nozzle. 7. I then start in the back as usual, start on the ends and work my way to the root area with my denman or paddle brush. I'm doing this in a very quick fashion, and focusing alot on the root area. The reason why I go over with the paddle brush, is so that i have smoother strands and straighter roots. Therefore, I wont have to use the pressing at all. 8. To eliminate frizziness, do things nice and slow and allow the heat to glide against your hair.

9. Adjust your for safety, I suggest a medium heat setting.

Happy Styling! I would love to see your work of art, please send your finish look to

I am thinking of you all and hope you are keeping safe. If you have any hair concerns, please send me an also.


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