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So, What Exactly Is A Silk Press??

Updated: Mar 29

Black Woman With Textured Hair
Black Woman With Textured Hair

We get asked "what exactly is a silk press", very often. Simply put a silk press is modern-day take on a press and curl hairstyle. This is a thermal straightening which temporarily alters the hair texture from curly to silky straight hair.

The key to getting an exceptional silk press service lies in the products used to cleanse and prep the hair for the the silk press service. The tools used to create silky straight silk press is also very important.

Nadia Vassell, owner of The Nadia Vassell Salon has been doing silk presses her entire career and she stress the importance of consulting with your client, assessing the hair and determine which products to use, how much of that products to use, blow drying technique, and how much heat is needed based on client's hair integrity and hair texture.

How long does it take?

At The Nadia Vassell Salon, it can take approximately 2 hours to complete your silk press. But it also depends on the length of the client's hair and thickness. Hair length, right below the should can take us about 2 hours to complete and hair length up to the bra strap, can take about 2.5 hours to complete.

What does it cost?

A silk press can cost anywhere from $90-125

How long does it lasts?

A silk press can last about 2-3 weeks until your next salon visit, with proper at home care. If moisture gets into your freshly done silk press style, just know that your hair will revert to its original texture. Therefore its best to wrap your hair at nights and use a silk scarf or a silk pillow case. If your lifestyle includes fitness, Nadia Vassell suggests, pulling your hair up and away from your face into a bun and used a headband.

What to look out for when getting a Silk Press

You want to pay attention to how much heat is being used on your hair, typically one pass with the flat iron should be sufficient. When the hair is blow dried properly, then you do not need to pass the flat iron through sections of the hair more than once. Pay close attention to demarcation lines in the hair, hair looking lackluster and having no movement (#stiffwhere). These could be clear indications of an unskilled hairstylist. If your hair smells of hot tools after your silk press, Nadia says that could be the quality of the flat iron used.


Nadia Vassell

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