So, What Exactly Is A Silk Press??

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

A silk press is a modern-day take on a press and curl hairstyle, with he exception of the hair grease (oils).

A silk press can be done on any natural hair texture instead of a relaxer or a keratin hair treatment. The silk press is temporary and can last up to two weeks, and once moisture gets into the hair, the hair will revert to what it knows, which is your natural curl pattern.

Sometimes a pressing comb or a small flat iron is used lightly by the scalp area, then a 1 inch flat iron for the mid-shaft. The setting of your flat iron should be adjusted according to the client's hair texture.

It's important to select the best shampoo and conditioner for your silk press and also to have a good knowledge flat ironing technique.

I hope that this post answered your questions about Silk press.


Nadia Vassell


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