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Hand-Made Wigs

Our mission is to provide high-quality, hand-made wigs to individuals who can’t meet their hair needs with mass-produced pieces plucked off a beauty supply store shelf


Our process is thorough and focused on your needs from the initial consultation to the moment you receive your hand-crafted wig.  


Wigs nowadays are not like our grandmother’s wig, they have truly come a long way in looking as natural as possible.


The client has the freedom to design the wig to meet their needs, tastes and lifestyle. From the choice of hair texture and hair length to the specifics such as adding a closure, frontal, adjustable straps, plucking the hair to create a natural hairline, bleaching the knots to give the illusion of real scalp, creating a wig unique to their lifestyle.  


Later, the wig maker will transfer the client’s measurements to the wig head block, and the magic begins. easy.


Before we can get started on your new wig, we require you to send us these infomation.


  • What texture hair would you like (Curly, Straight, Relax Texture)?

  • What length hair (16, 18, 20)?

  • Would you like a closure or a frontal or neither?

  • What style?

  • Center part, right side part, left side part?

  • Will you need the wig to be colored (wigs are made in a natural dark brown hue)?

  • We also need your head measurement, which is the most important information for a custom wig. You must ensure that your measurements are accurate; we will not be responsible for incorrect sizes submitted by the client. You will have an opportunity to confirm your head size before your wig is made.

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